Design with a modern take on all things local

Three words in Spanish inspire everything we do, “Soy de Aqui”, I am from here. We believe in all things local and that creativity can be a positive source for social change. Our mission is to seek out and bring to market creative ideas that can change the world for the better. Our vision is to create a marketplace of contemporary Puerto Rican designs that covers the island’s thriving creative community.

Soideaki is a design centric, creative enterprise and lifestyle brand with a modern take on popular culture, created to support local creativity and artistic entrepreneurship. We offer our own line of designs for the home and curated products by local designers.

Criollo Chic, our first collection was inspired by our nostalgia for iconic culturally centric characters. You can find our pillows and clutches at Love is You and Me, a concept store, in Santurce Puerto Rico.